At What Height is the Earth's Curvature Visible?

in fact we get many many different

answers here is some of the answers we

get to this question from people all

over the world this answer comes in from

k Carl manly imbecile

if you go to the beach on a clear day

and look out over the ocean you can see

the curvature of the earth but anyone

can talk talk talk and I'm hoping I have

enough sense to never ever pay any

attention to religious rules with their

literal interpretation I firmament get

the rest of your followers should

consider that the NWO order wasn't

satisfied coming down the video watching

generation they had to trick them into

embarrassing themselves with their

stupidity by sparking this quote-unquote


oh okay well thank you for that cake are

manly so apparently all you have to do

is go to the beach on a clear day and

you can see the curvature well here's a

differing answer and this comes in from

Jon Bauer I asked Jon Bauer

so what height do you think it should

start to be visible and jon said i'd say

about 500 feet

the higher you get the more prominent

the curved it's oh well that's very


let's see what Fisher of men has to say

about this here's a photo from a very

high mountain overviewing the valley

below and what you see here is the

curvature of the earth

I myself have been under very high

mountain like this and I've seen the

club curvature of the earth

I told myself wow I can see the

curvature of your awesome here

well thanks fish next we'll hear what

Maksym baby has to say about seeing the

curvature of the earth genius when that

well the ABC IC remind our naked eye

when I'm on anything so now is when i'm

getting i got to see the coffee job for

me but ok so as you can see i get a

range of different answers to this


go to the beach and you can see it on a

clear day you can see it at 500 feet you

can see it out the window of an airplane

that's usually when my go-to rebuttal is

hey how come whenever we send up a

high-altitude balloon with a camera

attached to it they'll even go up as

much as 20 miles high at their peak

which is well over a hundred thousand


how come we still see a flat level

horizon but as i've shown many ball

earth believers will tell you that

they've seen curvature from a range of

different distances

however when I break out the trusty old

balloon footage then they certainly

changed their tune and then they want to

turn around and tell me hey you're not

high enough to see the curvature in fact

just listen to steve little he says the

earth is pretty large you need to be a

lot higher up I said it goes up over 20

miles high at its peak that's over a

hundred thousand feet please tell me at

what altitude is the curvature of the

earth visible to which steve little

replied try 200,000 so it's not enough

to be a hundred thousand you gotta try

200,000 now so which is it people can we

see the curve or can we see the curve

this is

getting ridiculous you can't have it

both ways if I prove to you that there

is no curve at a hundred thousand feet

then you turn around and say try 200,000

what about all your ball believer

buddies who just told you they saw it

from the ground or on top of their house

or on a hill or on a mountain or from a

plane's window

you guys need to get your shit straight

but what do we know we're all just a

bunch of regular know-nothings why don't

we ask a world-renowned super scientists

like neil degrasse tyson hey Neil

tell us about the curvature of the earth

the earth looks flat because one you're

not far enough away at your size to your

size isn't large enough relative to her

to notice any curvature at all it's a

fundamental fact of calculus and

non-euclidean geometry small sections of

large curved surfaces will always look

flat too little creatures that crawl

upon it quick so I'm a little fired up


pardon me if i come off a little bit

brash but every day I wake up to the

same old shit in my comments section on

every single video and it's usually the

same people over and over and over again

saying the same old things always saying

I saw the curvature I saw it and they

always start with an insult they don't

say hey you know I could have swore when

I was in a plane that I saw some

curvature know they're like hey flat

earth dick face

hey retard don't you know that when

you're in a plane you can always see the

curvatures stupid s like they're so

insulting and they insist they see

things like curvature and they always

range it's always a different distance

why don't you guys get together and

figure this out if you believe in a ball

that spends an outer space and that

curvature exists and that you can see it

and I say it what height

how can i get different answers every

single time

why don't you guys get together and

figure your shit out

I say how high do i have to be to see

curvature oh well I just go to the ocean

and I look at the ocean and the

curvatures right there stupid outs

oh really you go to the ocean and you

just see it by standing there

oh no no no you have to get up on top of

your ice chest and stand on your tippy

toes and then you can see the curvature

right and then the next guy says no no

you have to be about 500 feet like I

went up on top of a big ol healing

Kentucky and I've done save me the

curvature whoo yeah 500 feet right

no no that's that's way too low you

gotta be up more like 5,000 feet right

then you can see it right

no no 10,000 know I hate what about my

balloon footage that shows in a hundred

thousand feet 20 miles high it's still


oh no you got to be higher than that you

gotta go two hundred thousand feet

it's so watch which one is it can you

see it or are we not high enough to see

it because whenever i present my footage

there's always somebody who goes hey

dipshit you're going to go up 30 miles


you're only 20 miles high so of course

you can't see the curvature of the earth

is so big and then the next guy right

under that will be like I know Jake is

such a stupid retard i went on top of my

roof and I clearly saw the curvature

blue the next person will be like yeah I

went to the ocean and on a clear day I

say the predator you guys you can't have

it both ways if you're gonna disagree

with me and disagree with the Flat Earth

theory come up with the number of how I

you got

b2c the damn curve where is it what's

the number i'm tired of having the same

argument over and over again and if

you're going to start out by calling me

names i'm going to delete your stupid


all right that's right i delete comments

usually because people are fucking

assholes and if you're sitting around

typing a big long thing and you started

off by calling me a big retard and you

start off by insulting me and then you

could explain the sea curvature at some

point i'm sorry i'm just gonna take away

your comment boom it's gone i might take

a snapshot of it and post it on my

facebook so i can make fun of you but

other than that i'm not going to let

your bullshit stand on my page i know

people are being paid to monitor my page

because it's the same people over and

over saying the same shit not going to

name them because i don't want to give

them any attention but guess what I know

who you guys are

I know you're putting in time and effort

and if you're not being paid and you're

just a dildo trying to hold back my

fucking effort to get the truth out

well guess what I'm honest i'm going to

delete it I'm going to take away your

time and energy

I know what you're trying to do you're

trying to hold me back

and if you disagree with me that's fine

just tell me how I gotta go to see the

curvature I think the smartest answer

you can come up with this you're not

high enough Jake if I say here's a

hundred thousand feet and it's flat you

can just say hey try 200,000 and then

one day if I if I show you 200,000 then

you'll go oh trap 300,000 see that

answer you can just keep raising the bar

you can just say hey you're not high

enough you're not high enough

hello go to space you're not enough that

answer is actually more logical than

saying that you see curvature from the

ocean or on top of your house or on top

of a mountain or out the planes window

so I think you guys need to all get

together and decide once and for all

how long do you got to be to see the

curvature of the earth

and until then shut your damn mouth and

do some research

the earth is flat flat

okay sorry about that guys

but before I go I thought a one last

thing I just had to share this the

reason why i want all the ball earth

believers to get together and come up

with the number at which you can see the

curvature is because all of us flat

earth there's have actually gotten


believe it or not we all do have the

same answer every single flat earther in

the entire world across the flat plane

always will tell you how high do you

have to go to see the curvature there is

no furniture there is no curvature haha

we have the same answer you guys don't

go ahead ask any flatter how he got to

go to see the curvature and they're

always one hundred percent of the time

going to tell you there is no curvature

haha we have the same answer you guys

have a different answer every single

time every single one of you says

something different every single time

that should teach you a little something

about where you live you don't know

where you live

why don't you figure it out it's really

really interesting

it changed my life completely and it'll

change yours too

people say what difference does it make

oh just start looking into it will make

all the difference in the world when you

figure out that you didn't come from a

magic explosion that a magic explosion

cannot create a flat motion lesser that

the life the to experience is not a

random accident the creation actually

Trump's the Big Bang yeah it changes

your life completely

when you start to change the way you

think about the world because you've

been lied to about everything you just

start becoming a different person it

will change you in the way you are


and when everybody has that awakening it

will change the world forever when we

get to 51-percent 51-percent of the

mines know that we don't live on a

spinning ball

oh you better believe the world is gonna

change and we're going to get there you

know why because nobody goes back to

believing in a spinning ball once they

figure out it's flat

nobody people who are religious become

atheists people who are atheists become

religious Christians become atheists and

sinners and atheists and sinners become

born-again christians but you know what

once people go flat they don't go back

to the spinning ball once you go flat

you never go back so that means every

single day there's a flat earth are

waking up he'll there's a lot of them

every single day my subscriber count

keeps going up all the major flat earth

channel subscriber base is keep going up

it's not stopping every person who

figures this out not only figures it out

but they usually talk about it and

spread the word and nobody goes back to

the spinning ball so the retention rate

of flattered through staying flat

earthers well I'd say that's probably

around 99.999% there's probably one guy

out there who is paid enough money to

flip back and decided it was okay in his

mind was on other than that flatter

there's stay flat earth is your flat for

life it will change your life and it

changed mine here i am on youtube in

front of them thousands of people maybe

millions they might be holding me back

anyway flattered asshole signing out

peace all believers get your number

get your number and come back and tell

me what it is when you guys have it

figured out you're welcome to come on

back to my page and tell me what it is

all right and then we'll all go up to

that height a big all group of us

flatters all believers concave people

people who believe in Bigfoot I don't

know maybe they'll just try to spot them

all we're up there and we'll go up and

we'll see how high you gotta go to see

that curvature or Bigfoot peace

hey guys this is the flat earth asshole

thanks for watching please like

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please comment down below and tell us

where you were and how high you were

when you saw it